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About Us

About Us


Happiness provider before all, Happy Hemp & Co was born on the Bondi markets in Australia before becoming an online retailer and wholesaler of 100% handmade creations. Our products are also available in a few distributor stores in France. 

All our backpacks and accessories are eco-friendly & respectful to our planet, as Nature is our only provider for all our raw materials.

Most of our products are made out of the purest Nepalese hemp, while some of our pieces contain cotton to produce the colorful designs you will see in some of our ranges of products. 



After traveling for many years around the globe, Loris the creator of Happy Hemp & Co has witnessed many of mother nature’s extreme beauty. As well as extreme human destruction & pollution, mainly due to a lack of knowledge & a complete disconnection from nature. Industries are in a constant seek for personal profits & business, without the thought of how it may affect our land & future. Many of them keep using petrochemical products for any kind of purpose. It comes to a point now where we, the human family, must rethink our way to produce and consume, as this amazing planet suffers way too much from our lack of respect, knowledge & maturity.

This is one of the reasons which pushed HH&C to participate to the current wave of awakening, on its small scale, spreading the best quality of this natural, ecological, biodegradable & amazing fiber all around the world.


 And so much more is coming!

CBD products, cosmetics, shoes & flip-flops, amazing hats & caps, clothing, more instrument cases & even more are coming soon!

You will be able to find anything you need @ Happy Hemp & Co!!



A massive THANK YOU to every single person which helped Happy Hemp & Co become what it is today. It's sharing ideas & love with all the people I have met on my way, that I have been able to find the essential inspiration to make this company better every day. 

A very special THANK YOU full of gratefulness to Honey, without her all this crazy project would have not even been thinkable. Her inspiration, her help and unconditional support has been my everyday motivation throughout this very long and tricky process.

A link redirecting to her own website will be provided soon, so you will also be able to view her amazing art & jewelry creations. 



We want to make this company as best as it can possibly be for you, please feel free to share your feelings & ideas with us. We will always take your opinion in a very high consideration.